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         Name: Nitro K, Ca, and Mg
        Nitro K, Ca, and Mg

        Product description
        I. It is produced by advanced technology, and it has advantages such as comprehensive nutrient, water soluble, high efficiency, high utilization rate, etc.
        II. High utilization rate, obvious yield-increasing effect.
        III. Potassium can make the crop stem strong, and increase crop output.
        IV. This product can be used in the prevention and treatment of various physiological diseases caused by calcium deficiency.
        V. Improve soil, neutralize soil PH.


        Crops Application process Dosage
        Fruit trees (apple, peach, grape, cherry, pear, mango, etc.   15-30kg/mu once
        Industrial crops (cotton, tobacco, medicinal materials)   Base fertilizer 10-20kg/mu Topdressing 10-15kg/mu(1-2 times)
        Melon crops (watermelon, pumpkin, white gourd, etc.)   10-20kg/mu once
        Legume crops (soybean, kidney bean, etc.)     Topdressing 10-20kg/mu once
        Solanaceous fruit vegetables (tomato, eggplant, pepper, etc.)   Initial fruiting period 10kg/mu High fruiting period10-20kg/mu(2 tims)
        Leaf vegetables (Chinese cabbage, lettuce, spinach, etc.)   Topdressing 10-20kg/mu once
        Root vegetables (garlic, ginger, green Chinese onion, etc.)   Base fertilizer 10-20kg/mu Topdressing 10-20kg/mu once

        Separate from reducing agents and organic chemicals.
        Change timely is the package is damaged.
        Caking will not affect the fertilizer efficiency.
        Technical index

        Item Unit Standard
        The total nutrient %, ≥ 50
        Nitrate nitrogen %, ≥ 15
        Potassium oxide %, ≥ 18
        Calcium oxide %, ≥ 16
        Magnesium oxide %, ≥ 1
        Appearance White sphere